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Ox Power

From the IMCPA Cow protection Book pg 90

Gītā-nagarī’s Ox Power Unit was built in 1985 as a project of Gītā-nagarī’s Adopt-A-Cow program, to demonstrate the value of working oxen using improved alternative technology. For about five or six years, the oxen provided all the heating requirements for 60 residents of the farm. Residents selectively cut trees on the hillsides, and oxen pulled them down to the ox power unit, where they were sawed to the wood-stove specifications for the temple and various homes. The oxen then delivered the cord wood to each location around the community. In the early 1990’s the use of the unit was abandoned as Gītā-nagarī shifted its focus away from self-sufficiency. But the unit, well-sheltered, can still be inspected at Gītā-nagarī where the community welcomes interested visitors.

Recommendation on Ox Power for Mayapur