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ISKCON South American Farm Conference

29th September to 1st October 2017

Sustainability within spirituality, back to the roots

The second South American Farm Conference is offering a platform to learn about native edible herbs and plants from the native rainforests, how it connects to the ancient ayurveda as well as the use of panca gavya, products originated from the cow cared under the proper animal ethics. The conference will also look into natural forest management planning and will hold many hands on workshops.

Nova Gokula is a natural sanctuary that offers its visitors a variety of experiences based on the principle of a simple, natural and healthy life. It neighbours a national Park with a rich biodiversity. It holds an official government function for releasing native birds for their conservation. The community was established in 1978 to develop the notion of simple living and high thinking.

Nova Gokula is located 170 km from São Paulo, Capital, Brazil.

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