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ISKCON European Farm Conference

15th to 17th September 2017 — 10th anniversary!

Europe is celebrating 10 years of the Continental Farm Conference.

Come and experience three exciting days of workshops, visits and panels on varnashrama, seed saving, composting, waste management, non-conventional edible plants, animal ethics, care for working animals, field experiences, youth workers, social sustainability and much more.

Krishna Valley is a sublime land of forests, pastures, blossoming gardens, temples and a perfect blueprint for a sustainable village . It is the main project of ISKCON Hungary and it offers a great opportunity to practice a God-conscious lifestyle for the members and their children.

The continental conference started in this place 10 years ago and now in its 10th anniversary it revisits the project and has a closer look on how this lifestyle combining spirituality and the protection of cows and the land, providing the necessities of life, has developed in the European projects.

Krishna Valley is near Somogyvamos, 25km south of Fonyod, lake Balaton, Hungary.

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