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Invitation to Farm Conference Novelle Mayapura FRANCE 16th, 17th, 18th Sept 2015 By Kalakantha das (Sri Mayapur – India)

The Conference is open to those who have an interest in or are actually practiced in rural development, agriculture, handicrafts, horticulture, protected dairying, ox draft and other similar topics and will propose the building of a network for the devotees interested in this field.

The community at Novelle Mayapura will be hosting the 2015 farm conference in September in this charming castle embraced by 83 ha of enchanting forestry and production grounds of grains, fruits and vegetables, with pasturing grounds for cows. This location offers a great setting for those interested in rural sustainable development and wish to know more, share what they know or meet the people doing it.

This year we will have a special session with the GBC Strategic Planning Sustainability chairman on possibilities of building a network of devotees who are working with sustainability.

Those who are interested in participating in the conference are invited to contact both Govindananda das and myself so we can keep you informed of any information. Gábor Kádár – Govindananda das, and Carlos Queiroz – Kalakantha das – ISKCON Ministers for Cow Protection and Agriculture and Chairman of SVC (Sustainable Vaishnava Communities )