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ISKCON European Farm Conference 2009

12th and 13th May New Vraja Dhama Hungary

Written by Audarye Thursday, 29 January 2009

Second European Farm Conference New Vrajamandala Hungary 12th and 13th May 2008

Dear Prabhus, Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada. We have now confirmed the 12th and 13th of May as the dates for the ISKCON European farm conference. Gaurasakti Prabhu has kindly offered to host the conference at the farm again this year and so we can confirm that the venue will be at New Vrajadhama Hungary. Last year we had 32 participants to the conference and they reported leaving enlivened and hopeful. I have attached the full report for last year’s conference if you would like to read through it. The conference is for ISKCON members and relevant affiliated persons who are involved with: Cow Protection, Farming (mechanised or animal draft based), Horticulture (vegetables and/or flowers), Forestry, Beekeeping and rural development on ISKCON projects We have a total of 45 spaces available for the conference and thus we may have to limit the participation of each project to three or four members. Accommodation at New Vrajadhama Hungary. Please contact Caitanya Candra das whose e mail address is as follows: [email protected] In order to make this event fruitful and enlivening we are very anxious to have your participation and association. Please can you let me know who will be coming from your project. Guest list so far: USA Global Ministry of Cow Protection and Agriculture. Balabhadra dasa (Global Minister and Co director of ISCOWP) – Unable to attend for health reasons Chayadevi devi dasi (Co director of ISCOWP) – England Syamasundara dasa, European Minister for Cow Protection and Agriculture, – Confirmed Gaura Parusa dasa, Goshalla Supervisor, Bhaktivedanta manor Krishna Caitanya dasa, Horticultural Supervisor, Bhaktivedanta Manor Nikunjavilasini, Goshalla nurse, Bhaktivedana Manor Confirmed Wenda Shehata, Director of Gosevaya Cow Protection/animal sanctuary, East Sussex – Confirmed Haladhara dasa, Working on organic farm, self sufficiency – confirmed Spain CaitanyaPriya, Temple president, New Vrajamandala Bhakta Alberto, Main herdsman, New Vrajamandala Anadi Krishna dasa, Affiliated Cow Protection project, New Vrajamandala Sudhama vipra dasa, Agriculture Jivatattva dasa, Self sufficiency, rural development, Malaga- France Kutastha dasa, Owner of a Horticultural business, New Mayapur Belgium Hrdayacaitanya dasa, Temple President Radhadesh Manohara dasa, Vice President Radhadesh Germany Vedantakrit Dasa, Temple President, Simhachalam Arjuniyagopi devi dasi, Co Manager, Simhachalam Bhakta Sandro, Simhachalam Akhila dasa, Bees, Cow Protection, Farming, Preservation, Simhachalam Syamabihari dasa, Cow Protection and Agriculture, Simhacalam Caitanya Rasa Dasa, Gardener

Northern Ireland Manu dasa, Temple President, Govindadvipa, Prahlada dasa, Horticulture, Cow Protection, Govindadvipa Hungary Sivarama Maharaja, GBC, Euro GBC, Founder of New Vrajadhama Confirmed Gaura Sakti, Temple President, New Vrajadhama Confirmed Radhakanta, Head of farming and kitchens, New Vrajadhama Confirmed Govindanandana, Head of Cow Protection, New Vrajadhama Confirmed Italy Gurucaran Prabhu, Temple President, Prabhupadadesh Anuradha devi dasi, wife of temple President Prabhupadadesh Parabhakti dasa, Temple President- Villa Vrndavana confirmed Rohini dasa, Cow Protection, Forestry.Villa Vrndavana confirmed Mangalay devi dasi, cow protection confirmed GunaGrahi dasa and wife, runs own small farm confirmed Poland Raghunatha dasa, Temple President, New Santipura Govardhana dasa, Cow Prot, oxen, horti, farming, forestry, New Santipura confirmed Mitra hari das, new santipura confirmed Czech Varnasrama dasa, Farm/Mill Manager, Temple President,Krsna Dvur confirmed Madhumangala dasa krsndvur confirmed Pramadata dasa, Cow Protection, Krsna Dvur confirmed Lokasaranya dasa, Bees, Horticulture, Krsna Dvur Slovakia Mohanarupa dasa, Temple President, Restaurant Manager. New Ekacakra- Mukunda Madhava dasa, Cow protection, horticulture. New Ekacakra- Bhakta Juraj, Ox Training and work, New Ekacakra- confirmed Croatia Srivan das, (Ivan Rukavina), Farmer Sweden SmitaKrishna Maharaja, Almviks Dhruva dasa, Cow Protection, Almviks Anjaneya dasa, Horticulture, farmers markets, Almviks Malyaharikunda, Cow Protection, Almviks confirmed Here is the preliminary itinerary for the conference: The SB class speaker/s should be arranged as GS Prabhu thinks appropriate but with farm related topics. We are interested in presentations that demonstrate farm projects that have practical working elements in them. It is helpful to the audience to see what is being done and especially in elements that can be duplicated elsewhere. If you have any proposed presentations please let me know. Conference will include: – Inspirational company in a devotional setting geared around the land, cows and Krishna. – Demonstration of a working farm dependent on the cows and the oxen – Presentations on the state of farm projects in ISKCON worldwide – Euro/world GBC laws that can assist you in developing your farms – Harvesting the forest – Fund raising to maintain a small goshall – Vegetable/fruit production and how to market your produce. – Reports on specific farms – using the dung and urine of the cow profitably – Working and making a living off an organic farm I look forward to your list of devotees/persons who you feel should attend the conference. Yours in the service of the Land, the cows and Krishna